ESC Microinjection

Since its inception MAPS has created 61 new transgenic mouse strains. 55 of those strains were produces via successful embryonic stem cell (ESC) microinjections.

MAPS has produced chimeras from:

  • ESCs targeted by labs
  • ESCs conditionally targeted by EUCOMM
  • ESCs electroporated by MAPS

ESCs are available to purchase through MAPS. We can provide untargeted ESCs from various background strains and carrying various useful alleles. All ESCs from MAPS have successfully produced germline-transmitting chimeras.

Backgrounds strains include:

  • F1-hybrid (C57BL/6J X 129S1/SvImJ)
  • C57BL/6NTac

Useful alleles include:

  • Aw-J , agouti coat colour marker
  • Hprtb-m3 , docking deletion

Featured ESC Microinjection Projects:

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Fees are specific to the requirements of the individual project. Services offered are flexible and projects can be customized to meet individual needs. For project-based pricing please contact us at