Shared Resources

At the core of CMMT is our pursuit of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental scientific relationships and approaches to research.

Our facilities were designed with a view that CMMT personnel would interact in the use and upkeep of the shared core equipment and facilities to save valuable laboratory space and reduce cost. These shared resources include four tissue culture rooms, two seminar rooms, three cold rooms, two autoclaves, plate pouring and media preparation room, chemical preparation rooms, a microscope imaging room, and two computer rooms.

Two staff members operate a glasswash facility that handles all the daily glass and plastic ware washing and sterilization needs of CMMT labs. Core shared equipment includes various microscopes and histology systems, centrifuges and incubators, gel documentation systems, and spectrophotometers.

Equipment and systems available for shared use include a high-end multipurpose imaging microscope (including 3D digital deconvolution), an ABI Prism 7500Fast Sequence Detection Real-Time PCR system, and a Licor Odyssey imaging system. Interactions between CMMT researchers and their collaborators are enhanced via a video conferencing facility located in the 3rd floor conference room. Shared core equipment and facilities at the CMMT receive ongoing maintenance, renovations and refinements to improve operational efficiency and to meet the needs of the CMMT research community. These resources are generally made available for use by the CFRI research community.

Adjacent to the CMMT is the BC Children’s Hospital Research institute’s Chan Centre for Family Health. This includes two seminar rooms, a boardroom, kitchen and lunch facilities, a graduate student study area, and a 202-seat auditorium.

For further information on CMMT Core Facilities, please contact:

Michael Hockertz
(604) 875-3816