Facilities & Services


Essential to the vision of CMMT is the creation, maintenance, and constant enhancement of an outstanding research environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology. CMMT achieves these goals by operating on the principle of shared access and collaborative use of all equipment and resources, the establishment of core service facilities, and the provision of a core of experienced administrators to manage operations, human resources, finances, communications, and information technology services.

With collaboration and sharing at the heart of CMMT’s research culture, the services of CMMT’s core facilities are also offered to and actively utilized by researchers in the wider research community. CMMT’s unique combination of facilities, resources, and staff create a supportive and collaborative research environment that is key to the success of our research programs.

For further information on CMMT Core Facilities, please contact:

Michael Hockertz
(604) 875-3816

For information on billing and invoicing for CMMT Core Facilities, please click here.