Science Stores

To meet the need for immediate access to common lab reagents, CMMT operates an on-site stockroom that carries common consumables from vendors such as ThermoFisher, VWR Scientific, Diamed Scientific, and Rainin (Mettler Toledo), as well as a wide selection of reagents on consignment from Invitrogen/Life Technologies, Qiagen, BioRad Laboratories, and MilliporeSigma (includes products from Sigma-Aldrich, Roche, GE Healthcare, and more).

The Stores facility continually strives to obtain the best pricing through bulk purchases and elimination of shipping and hazardous goods charges, and to provide consistent availability of all supplies. These savings in research supply cost and in time are passed on to all Stores Facility users. By reducing the need for labs to stockpile their supplies, the store program has been able to effectively increase research space for labs that utilize its services.

The CMMT & CFRI Scientific Stores Facility carries a variety of supplies for the labs of the CMMT, CFRI and C&W site researchers. Services may be available to other research groups, please contact the Stores Manager for more information.

IDT Web Portal

The new IDT Web Portal ( hosted at the CMMT/BCCHR Stores caters to all your needs for DNA and RNA oligos, PrimeTime qPCR Assays and Probes, Ultramer oligos (up to 200 bases), and custom gene synthesis. Your orders are shipped to Stores daily. Prices include shipping charges for most products. Your monthly purchases will be charged via your Stores JVs.  Click here for more information on pricing and products and how to sign up.

Supply Lists

List of current and recently stocked supplies
i.e. gloves, tips, tubes, tissue culture supplies, etc.
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Bio-Rad ProductsDownload PDF
IDT Web-PortalDownload PDF
Life Technologies ProductsDownload PDF
Millipore Sigma (including Roche Products)Download PDF
Qiagen ProductsDownload PDF

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday to Friday, 9:30am am to 5:00pm.

Contact Information

William Yue or Garret Ruiz
Room 1101B
950 West 28th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4H4 Canada
TEL +1 (604) 875-3854
FAX +1 (604) 875-3547

For billing information and for further information on CMMT Core Facilities:

Michael Hockertz
(604) 875-3816l