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Conditional PDE Mouse Made for BC Children’s and Women’s Team

Hayden Lab Cryopreservation

HMMR Conditional Mouse Publication

Leavitt Lab’s New Mouse

MAPS Makes 3xFLAG Insertion with CRISPR/Cas9

MAPS Makes KO CRISPR Mouse for National University of Singapore

MAPS Makes New CRISPRed Mouse for Ph.D. Student

MAPS Plays Critical Role in Publication

MAPS Makes Another New Mouse Strain for the Leavitt Lab Using CRISPR

Two New KI Strains Published

Publications and Acknowledgments:

Human cis-acting elements regulating escape from X-chromosome inactivation function in mouse. Peeters , S.B., Korecki, A.J., Simpson, E.M., and Brown, C.J. (2018). Human Molecular Genetics, Volume 27, Issue 7, 1 April 2018, Pages 1252–1262, PMID 29401310.

HMMR localizes Ran-GTP at the centrosome to orient neuroprogenitor cell division. Connell, M., Jiang, J., Chen, H., Fotovati, A., Chu, T., He, Z., Lengyell, T.C., Li, H., Kroll, T., Li, A., Goldowitz, D., Patel, M., Frappart, L., Simpson, E.M., Pilarski, L.M., Ploubidou, A., Allan, D.W., and Maxwell, C.A. (2017). Elife, Oct 10;6, PMID 28994651.

AAV-Compatible MiniPromoters for Restricted Expression in the Brain and Eye. de Leeuw, C.N.d., Korecki, A.J., Berry, G.E., Hickmott, J.W., Lam, S.L., Lengyell, T.C., Bonaguro, R.J., Borretta, L., Chopra, V., Chou, A.Y., D’Souza, C.A., Kaspieva, O., Laprise, S., McInerny, S.C., Portales-Casamar, E., Swanson-Newman, M.I., Wong, K., Yang, G.S., Zhoua, M., Jones, S.J.M., Holt, R.A., Asokan, A., Goldowitz, D., Wasserman, W.W., and Simpson, E.M. (2016). Molecular Brain, 9(1):52, Impact Factor 3.617, Cited 3, PMID 27164903.

The non-motor protein RHAMM locates TPX2 to coordinate spindle assembly and balance motor forces needed to segregate chromosomes and complete cell division. Chan, Helen, Thesis, 2016 (UBC)

Nr2e1 regulates retinal lamination and the development of Müller glia, S-cones, and glycineric amacrine cells during retinogenesis . Ximena Corso-Díaz and Elizabeth M. Simpson. (2015). Molecular Brain, 8:37, PMID 26092486.

Non-coding-regulatory regions of human brain genes delineated by bacterial artificial chromosome knock-in mice . Schmouth, J.F., Castellarin, M., Laprise, S., Banks, K.G., Bonaguro, R.J., McInerny, S.C., Borretta, L., Amirabbasi, M., Korecki, A.J., Portales-Casamar, E., Wilson, G., Dreolini, L., Jones, S.J.M., Wasserman, W.W., Goldowitz, D., Holt, R.A., and Simpson, E.M. (2013). BMC Biology 201311:106, PMID 24124870.

Development of tools in mouse for future gene therapy : promoters for the CNS, and novel expression models of neural stem cell regulator, NR2E1. de Leeuw, Charles Norval, Thesis, 2013 (UBC)


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