ESC electroporation

MAPS is now adding embryonic stem cell electroporation to our services. You provide the DNA construct and we will take it from there to make chimeras for your knock-out or knock-in targeted mouse.

Electroporation is the introduction of DNA into embryonic stem cells (ESCs) followed by selection for clones with correct targeting by homologous recombination.

We are offering this method using the traditional neomycin (G418) selection, or docking at the Hprt locus using HAT (hypoxanthine, aminopterin, thymidine) selection.

To aid in your research we already have untargeted ESCs from various background strains available for use or purchase. These include a C57BL/6NTac ESC line for general targeting that also includes the optional Hprt docking site (B6/NTac-Aw/Aw-J, Hprtb-m3/Y), as well as the highly efficient hybrid ESC line (B6129F1-Aw/Aw-J, Hprtb-m3/Y). All ESCs available from MAPS have been used successfully in the production of germline-transmitting chimeras.