Hayden Lab Prospective Trainees

Exceptional program features

The Hayden lab provides an excellent environment for trainees to thrive scientifically. Our philosophy is based on the recognition that sick people depend on us and others for new therapies. The lab is steeped in the principle that we depend on each other and is committed to personal and professional growth of every person. I am always looking for new graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to join my lab.

I have trained over 86 postdoctoral fellows and over 45 graduate students. Nearly all have held competitive funding (including CIHR, MSFHR) and won prestigious awards (2 have won the Governor General’s Gold Medal). Most are now in academic (over 78; 14 recruited to UBC) or industry (over 23) positions around the world.

Trainees in my lab have access to sophisticated laboratory facilities and will receive superb administrative, research development, grant facilitation, IT and communication support and will have access to seminars, and workshops, hosted by CMMT or other BC Children’s Hospital (BCCHR) , Children’s &Women’s (C&W) and UBC  groups. Being on the BCCHR and C&W site, we also have access to all their vast resources in addition to UBC’s resources, to achieve excellent standards in research.

Abundant opportunities

My lab has over 100 outstanding collaborations with world-class investigators and industrial partners worldwide. These partnerships provide a productive network for state-of-the art research. Having a vast network of collaborators offers my trainees a unique environment that stimulates cooperative projects, provides a forum for free exchange of ideas and technology, fosters technology transfer between my collaborators, allows one-on-one interactions with numerous mentors, and promotes scientific excellence. These collaborations have helped my team to achieve their research objectives in a timely manner.

The ability to communicate is an essential skill for every scientist. I educate my trainees on the importance of telling a story and developing a narrative. My trainees are exposed to a number of novel areas of research including: preparing presentations, writing manuscripts, preparing grant applications, supervising research technicians, and leading projects. This provides them with a strong background and prepares them for the responsibilities of running their own research program in the future.

At lab meetings, trainees present their research, respond to questions and receive valuable input from other team members. These meetings are a catalyst for discussions and spur trainees to think about their research critically and creatively.

How to Apply

Exceptional candidates should submit their curriculum vitae and a cover letter outlining research interests and fit with the laboratory’s research to mrh@cmmt.ubc.ca or dng@cmmt.ubc.ca

For more information about studying at UBC- https://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/why-grad-school-ubc

For current postings- http://webj.cmmt.ubc.ca/get-involved/job-seekers/