2023 Gairdner High School Symposium

Student Registration

All Grade 10-12 students are eligible to participate in the Gairdner High School event. Registration is required.

Before registering you will need to:

  • Find a sponsor teacher. Students interested in attending the Gairdner High School Symposium require a teacher to sponsor their registration. Your sponsor teacher should be someone who knows you, your personal learning style and could verify you’d be the ideal participant for this one-day extracurricular activity. A personal reference is not required and the sponsor teacher is not required to attend the event. The organizing team will reach out to the sponsor teacher directly if we have concerns regarding your registration or attendance.
  • Prepare a personal statement. In 150 words or less, you will be asked to answer the following questions: Why are you interested in attending the Gairdner High School Symposium? What do you hope to gain from participating?
  • Determine how you would like to participate. You may only select one method of participation. Each student may only register once.

Method of Participation

In-person Monday, October 23 | 8:45 am – 12:15 pm

Arrange to miss class and plan your own transportation to BC Children’s Hospital. You have the option to wear a mask.

Virtually Monday, October 23 | 9:15 am – 10:45 am

Arrange to miss any classes during the lecture. You must have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. Up to 150 student participants.

All eligible participants who submit this registration form have an equal chance of attending.

The Gairdner High School Symposium is presented by the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics (CMMT) and the University of British Columbia (UBC). You are invited to complete the form below because you are interested in participating in the Gairdner High School Symposium at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Demographic information, including information on ethnicity, will be used to understand who is interested in our programs and will be shared with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation donors to promote values of initiatives like this one. We will only share information about the group as a whole, and will never share any details about you personally outside of this program.

In this form, you will be asked to share the following information for use by UBC: Name, Demographics, School, Affiliations, Ethnicity, Personal Opinions, Parent/Guardian Information, Personal email address.

By completing the form below, you have read, understand, and voluntarily consent to UBC collecting, using, and disclosing the information that you provide.


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