Wendy Lin

Research Technician

I had a personal commitment to biomedical research and its promise of improving the quality of human health. I was equally concerned about the importance of ensuring the health and well-being of animals used in biomedical research. As animal care professional, my main concern is that animals are being treated humanely and fairly throughout the research projects. My background is in small animal clinical veterinarian, and hold a veterinary medicine degree in university. I worked with variety of animals includes dog, cats, birds and wildlife includes primates etc. My childhood love with animals naturally brought me to the career path in working a combination of animal and science.

After 20 years of working in experimental research, the variety of experiences I’ve had in academia and industry, combined with meeting so many colleagues in lab animal work—on both the research and animal management sides—gives me purpose each day I go to work. I believe my personal efforts contribute to treatments and cures for humans and animals alike.

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