New antivirus options from UBC IT

As of 2020 July, UBC IT has mandated a changeover in cyber security/anti malware software. Here is what you need to know:

Your on-site desktop computers that log in with CMMT network credentials will be handled by CMMT IT
Your UBC-owned laptops will need you to do the following
- Uninstall SOPHOS (see section below)
- Download either the Mac installer OR the Windows Installer
- run the installer and follow the instructions as presented.

Remember: the above installers are only for UBC-OWNED equipment, meaning its purchase is traceable back to a UBC grant or if it was issued to you from your lab or CMMT.

Personally owned computers should have Sophos uninstalled and Cisco AMP installed but with a different installer:

Go to:

click “Download Cybersecurity Software” you will be asked to login via CWL.
In the UBC Licensed software section click “Cisco AMP”
Click “Add to cart”
click Download
Run the installer and follow instructions as per the install wizard.

Uninstalling Sophos

On windows:

Restart your computer so you are starting with a fresh session. Close anything that automatically starts with Windows on your computer.

Press Windows key + R to open the “run” dialog window

in the address field type “appwiz.cpl” and press enter, the Programs/Features window should open up

scroll down until you find Sophos for endpoints (and probably 3~4 other Sophos entries)

click each one and click “Uninstall”. 
Note that some of the entries will fail to uninstall because they are linked to the other ones you have already removed. This is fine - just restart your computer once you've attempted to remove them all once then check appwiz.cpl again and attempt to remove them a second time. It should be removed on the second pass. Even if it is not, at this point you are OK and can proceed with installation of Cisco AMP.

On Mac:

Restart your computer so you are starting with a fresh session. Close anything that automatically starts with Mac OS.

Click “Finder” → Applications to find the list of applications installed on your Mac

Scroll down until you find Sophos Antivirus

If you see “uninstall sophos antivirus” or “sophos antivirus uninstaller”, proceed to launch that and follow the instructions and you are done.

If you do not see this option and Sophos is running in your top right hand system tray area please click the Sophos icon and “quit” sophos

Drag Sophos Antivirus from the Applications folder into the trash.


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