Huntington Disease BioBank

Huntington Disease BioBank at the University of British Columbia

Blood and DNA Donation

Further research is needed to develop more effective treatments for Huntington Disease (HD). The collection of DNA samples and medical information is important for this research. By making a donation of your blood and clinical information to the DNA bank, a better understanding of genetic factors which influence the clinical features of HD may be obtained and may ultimately contribute to significant improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of HD. After DNA is extracted, the remaining blood products (plasma and white blood cells) may also be used for biochemical investigations relating to Huntington Disease including, but not limited to examinations of cholesterol, inflammatory response factors and proteins or enzymes in the body which may relate to disease onset or progression.

DNA banking consent form: General_HD_DNA_ Banking_Consent_2019_v07

DNA banking assent form: HD_DNA_Banking_ Assent_2019_v05

Tissue Donation

We invite you to make arrangements now to donate brain or other tissue samples after death. Tissue samples are necessary to study the way the DNA changes associated with Huntington’s Disease affect the actual physical characteristics and proteins of the brain and tissues.

It is also important to examine the same features in “normal” brain and tissue samples, so family members without a clinical or genetic diagnosis of Huntington Disease are also invited to consider participating in the HD Tissue Banking program to give a sample after their death.

Tissue consent form: HD_Tissue_Banking _consent_2019_v10

Urgent Autopsy Contacts

1) Jennifer Collins work: 604‐875‐3999
2) Blair Leavitt, MD work: 604‐875‐3801|cell: 604‐250‐0300

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