High-throughput Computing Infrastructure

CMMT’s information technology group provides network and server support for laboratory computing and runs the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)-funded Gene Regulation Bioinformatics Laboratory (GRBL) as headed by Dr. Wyeth Wasserman.

The GRBL computing infrastructure includes a cluster of IBM Blade Center servers containing over 60 CPUs, a Storage Area Network capable of holding over 10 terabytes of data, and more than 10 additional multi-CPU servers to perform a variety of dedicated roles including web, email, database, and development. In addition, a CMMT-wide network provides high-speed intranet access to connect all of the Centre’s laboratories, as well as serve as a gateway for internet access via the UBC fibre-optic network.

In addition to a robust computing infrastructure, a large Bioinformatics Research Office exists within CMMT to provide space for members of the Wasserman lab and dedicated scientific programmers of the Simpson and Goldowitz labs.

Overall, the GRBL at CMMT provides access to a robust and well-managed laboratory computing and computational biology infrastructure to support and enhance research activities at the Centre and beyond.

For further information on CMMT Core Facilities, please contact:

Michael Hockertz
(604) 875-3816