Clara van Karnebeek

Clara van Karnebeek

About the TIDE research program:

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TIDEX Study on CTV National News (Breaking News, May 25 2016)

This is how we will practice medicine in the future, Dr McCabe (March of Dimes Director) says of the TIDEX study

Dutch National Newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports on combined -omics technologies (june 4, 2016)

Early recognition of rare but treatable genetic diseases in children is the key to preventing certain forms of intellectual disability.

“Intellectual disabilities are no longer necessarily an unchangeable fate,” says Dr. van Karnebeek. “Today, new tools allow us to diagnose and treat specific genetic conditions causing developmental delay and intellectual disability, previously thought to be permanent.”

Dr. van Karnebeek’s research is aimed at discovering new inborn errors of metabolism, a class of genetic diseases that is particularly amenable to treatment. Her team uses a multidisciplinary approach involving the study of three “-omics” in patients: phenomics, their physical and biochemical properties, genomics, their genetic information, and metabolomics, their metabolite profiles. She established two large collaborative efforts, the Treatable Intellectual Disability Endeavor in BC ( with Sylvia Stockler), and the international TIDEX Study aimed at harnessing these new technologies for the discovery of genetic defects in children who present with intellectual disabilities and providing clinicians the tools for early recognition and management.

Dr. van Karnebeek and her team already successfully identified a number of these defects, developed new treatments and were able to enhance identification of these diseases in BC Children’s Hospital. Over the past 4 years, more than 500 children with intellectual disability were systematically screened and 5% were identified to have treatable condition; treatment in these cases improved behavior, cognition and often changed the lives of the whole family.

These diagnostic tools – a protocol supported by the App - are now used by physicians around the world, allowing them to recognize diseases in newborns and treat these vulnerable patients before they suffer important brain damage.

Dr. van Karnebeek’s team has discovered 11 novel human diseases, including carbonic anhydrase VA deficiency (presenting with a life-threatening hyperammonemia amenable to treatment with carglumic acid and medical diet) as well as NANS deficiency (a sialic acid metabolism defect presenting with skeletal and brain abnormalities and brain, for which therapy is being developed). In May 2016, the TIDEX genomics discovery study will be published in a major medical journal reporting a diagnostic yield of 90% in 41 families with unexplained neurometabolic phenotypes; most importantly the study demonstrates personalized medicine as a genomic diagnosis enables targeted therapy for improved outcomes in 44%.


Canadian Organization for Rare Diseases Scientific Award - 2016

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award - 2014

IG Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Finalist Prize (CIHR) – 2013

Digital Health Innovation Summit Award - 2012

Bluma Tischler Fellowship Research Award - 2011

Laura McRae Award for Excellence in Pediatrics - 2011

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