ESC microinjection

The MAPS team will inject targeted embryonic stem (ES) cells into blastocysts to produce chimera mice for your project. The investigator is responsible for supplying MAPS with targeted embryonic stem cells (ESC). MAPS can provide untargeted ESC to the investigator upon request. One round of 50 or 100 blastocysts will be injected with ES cells and implanted into recipient mothers.

Once chimera pups are born, they will be shipped to the investigator. MAPS can also provide the breeding of the transgenic mice for germ line transmission and testing. MAPS cannot guarantee germline transmission. Investigators are urged to submit cells from 2-3 ESC clones to maximize chances of chimera production.

ES cells must be MAP and mycoplasma tested before admittance into the mouse facility. If required, we can provide these services for an additional fee. It is mandatory that all negative MAP testing results be submitted to the CMMT Mouse Facility. Once ESC have been tested all further culturing for production of chimeras must be completed within the CMMT Mouse Facility.