The CRISPR/Cas9 technology is a new method that has revolutionized the way genome editing is performed. This technology is based on the capability of the S. Pyogenes Cas9 endonuclease to cleave specific DNA sequences guided by small RNAs (gRNAs) and donor DNAs that promote homologous directed repair. The Cas9 technology allows you to perform all the possible targeting events that are usually achieved (i.e knockouts and conditional knockouts) through traditional methods in a faster and more economical manner.

You can either provide MAPS with the reagents (gRNAs, donor DNA) to microinject or for an extra fee MAPS can do the design work for you.

MAPS guarantees to inject 150-200 zygotes and transfer injected embryos to at least 4 pseudo mothers.


Fees are specific to the requirements of the individual project. Services offered are flexible and projects can be customized to meet individual needs. For project-based pricing please contact us at