From Molecule to Mouse

If you are interested in creating a novel knock-out or knock-in mouse strain, MAPS can help you from start to finish!

With your lab providing the DNA or RNA construct (BAC, plasmid, or virus) MAPS can introduce it into embryonic stem cells (ESCs) or mouse embryos. To aid in your research we already have untargeted ESCs from various background strains available for use or purchase.

These include:

  • C57BL/6NTac ESC line for general targeting
  • C57BL/6NTac ESC line with an Hprt docking site (B6/NTac-Aw/Aw-J, Hprtb-m3/Y)
  • Hybrid ESC line, a highly efficient line for general or docking use (B6129F1-Aw/Aw-J, Hprtb-m3/Y)

All ESCs available from MAPS have been used successfully in the production of germline-transmitting chimeras.

After successful electroporation, you select the ESC clones that meet all your molecular biology needs, and MAPS can take the next step and microinject your ESCs into blastocysts to produce chimera mice.

Book your free project planning meeting with MAPS. We look forward to working with you to further your research.