Centre for Huntington Disease

The Centre for Huntington Disease has been serving patients and families since 1983. A multidisciplinary team including geneticists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and a genetic counselor have been assembled at the clinic to provide care to individuals affected with HD.

Our Team

A multi disciplinary team has been assembled for the clinic to provide the very best care possible to individuals affected with HD. The individual(s) will meet with members of this team and, in turn, the team will help the family physician arrive at the best care possible for their patient(s). In addition, the clinic will also serve to assess patients for entry in clinical trials of new medications.

Our team members include:

  • Dr. Michael Hayden, Director of Genetics & Geneticist
  • Dr. Blair Leavitt, Director of Research & Neurologist
  • Dr. Lynn Raymond, Neurologist
  • Dr. Andrew Howard, Neuropsychiatrist
  • Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Paul Goldberg, Geneticist
  • Susan Creighton, Genetic Counsellor
  • Antoine Coulombe, HD Resource Director & Social Worker
  • Joji Decolongon, Clinical Research Manager
  • Valarie O’Neill, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Rachel Wan, Clinical Research Assistant
  • Tuen Le, Clinical Research Assistant
  • Sandy Hazan, Clinical Secretary

We welcome referrals for consultation related to Huntington Disease from all physicians. Communication with the family doctor is essential. Any recommended changes in medications or any suggested investigations will be communicated to the family doctor to maintain their role as the primary care provider.

Please click here to download the referral form. (Adobe Acrobat Document)

The HD Medical Clinic is held every Tuesday for appointments with neurologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. The Predictive Testing clinic is held every Wednesday with a geneticist and genetic counsellor. Referral is necessary for appointment booking in clinics. Please contact Sandy at T: 604.822.7366 F: 604.822.7970 or chdclinics@cmmt.ubc.ca for appointment bookings or for more information.